Belhaven Scottish Stout 4.2%

There’s very little distinction between a Porter and a Stout, but they do have their differences.

Porter is a dark, almost black, fruity-dry, top fermenting style. An ale, porter is brewed with a combination of roasted malt to impart flavour, colour and aroma. Stout is also a black, roast brew made by top fermentation.

Stout, not as sweet to the taste, features a rich, creamy head and is flavoured and coloured by barley. Stouts often use a portion of unmalted roasted barley to develop a dark, slightly astringent, coffee-like character.

We reckon this is the porter equivalent of the tall dark handsome stranger, but with its blend of triple malts, roasted chocolate flavour and hop character, once you’ve tried this deluxe stout you’ll want to get reacquainted.

Belhaven Scottish Stout wins ‘Platinum Medal’ Award

Belhaven Scottish Stout has received top marks from the Beverage Testing Institute (BTI) in their 2008 World Beer Championships Awards.

The deluxe handcrafted stout at 7%, was awarded its top rating – 96 points and a Platinum Medal – in the ‘Strong Stout’ category.

“It’s an honour,” said George Howell, Head Brewer at Belhaven Brewery. “Belhaven’s products are all about quality, flavour and authenticity. Achievements like these validate the brands position as an authentic, deluxe stout. The brand was only launched in 2007 and it is already one of our top selling export brands in the States”.

The Scottish Stout was described by the Beverage Testing Institute as having “aromas of baker’s chocolate” and “charred nuts”. Delicious!